Applicants for the PhD/Doctorate courses must meet the following criteria:
  • MBBS degree holder or equivalent degree as recognized by Myanmar Medical Council
  • MMedSc degree holder or equivalent degree holder as recognized by Myanmar Medical Council
  • must have valid medical license recognized by Myanmar Medical Council
  • must have served in public sector of his respective field (health services, research or academics) for at least 5 year
  • age under (50) years
  • must be able to serve in the health care sector for at least at least (5) years after achieving PhD degree
  • must abide by the rules and regulations of the training
(Eligibility criteria may subject to change.)
  • Application must contain the following facts with evidence.
  • Name, NRC no., current designation, department, permanent address and phone number, contact address and phone number
  • Father’s name
  • Date (DD/MM/YYYY) of joining the service and duration of service
  • Age, Date of Birth
  • Sama no. and date
  • Educational qualifications
  • Desired postgraduate course and subject
  • Service record
  • Previous history of being selected for postgraduate courses
  • Postgraduate courses attended and date (DD/MM/YYYY), subject and completed or not
  • Any application or process ongoing for joining postgraduate program domestically or abroad
Selection Examination will include both written examination and viva voce. Written examination will include:
  • Language examination (mainly English)
  • Subject
Viva voce will follow the written examination for candidates who pass the written examination.
Selection of candidates depends on:
  • the number of seats available for each particular course
  • the qualification of the candidate
After written examination, the Board of Postgraduate Studies of the Department of Human Resources for Health undertakes the selection process. Announcement of Written Test results will be made. Those who pass the written exam will have to undergo viva voce exam on the specific date and time notified.
Results will be announced at the respective universities and at the Department of Human Resources for Health specifically describing the university, department and subject for each candidate.
Successful candidates must register for the respective courses in time at Registrar’s office. Registration form can be obtained from the application desk. After filling in required information, the registration form can be submitted to the Registrar’s office. The ID photo of the student will be taken while the data entry is made for each student. Registration fees and Tuition fees can be paid at the counter of the finance section. The receipt will be required to get the ID card.