A first medical department was formed in 1923 at University College of the University of Rangon and it was accommodated in the Goverment Medical School. The Medical Department of University College was moved into the new building on 25th Octobere 1929.


  • To provide modern learning information & resources of high standard to the medical profession.
  • To meet the relevant information needs of teaching staff, undergraduate and postgraduate students with knowledge and skills by making the library resources available through a quality and friendly service.


  • Monday to Friday-9:30 a.m to 6:00 p.m.
  • Library will be closed on Saturday, Sunday and Gazetted holidays.


Those entitled to be member of the University of Medicine(1) Library:
  1. All registered undergraduate students of the University except 1st. & 2nd. M.B.B.S students who may be member at the Branch Library (Pyay Street Campus).
  2. All registered postgraduate students of the University.
  3. Full-time and part-time academic staff of the University.
  4. External users may use and borrow the library materials only by Sa Ma card.


The library has plan to construct WAN (Wide Area Network) by connecting with the other medical libraries due to medical libraries are participating libraries in HELLIS Network. It is under WHO which laid down the guideline to access the levels of automation in HELLIS ( Health Literature Library and Information Service) Network Libraries. There are four stages in the levels of library automation.


The library is located at the first floor of the Medical Information Center next to University of Medicine (1) old building complex . The main entrance of the library building is on the Bogyoke Aung San Road. The Branch library is located at Pyay Street Campus.