Myanmar Department

Before 1964, the Myanmar language studies of the Institute of Medicine was under the charge of the Myanmar language department of the Arts and Science University of Rangoon. In 1964 the department of Myanmar was started at the Institute of Medicine 1 in Yangon, but the teaching of Myanmar language at the Institute of Medicine I was still under the management of the Rangoon Arts and Science University. At that time, U Aye Maung (Damasriya) and Daw E Kyi (M.A) were the lecturing staff of Myanmar language. Daw Kyi Kyi Win (M.A), Daw Khin Mya Nwe (M.A), U San Phaw B.A (Hons) and Daw Thein Thein were tutors assigned to tutorial duty in rotation. In 1982, the department of Myanmar language was assigned to the management of Ministry of Health. Since then, it has been managed by the Ministry of Health (now Ministry of Health and Sports). Myanmar Language Department leads the traditional and cultural activities, publication of annual magazine of UM1 and other extracurricular programs for the incoming fresher students. Myanmar language is essential as the communication between health care personals and the public is in Myanmar languages. Myanmar Language Department also organizes ethnic student clubs of UM1.