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Body Donation

Body Donation

University of Medicine 1 Yangon has Anatomy Dissection Classes for the 2nd Year MBBS Students and the Year 2 MBBS Students. This requires the use of human bodies donated by Myanmar citizens. Myanmar has a very beautiful culture of donating not only money and materials, but also body and body parts before or after the donor pass away. This wonderful culture is invaluable in medical education where students can learn the real anatomy of human body. In recent years, the methods of preserving the bodies have improved a lot. Thanks to the faculty members of the Anatomy Department and the Administrators of UM1, particularly the late Professor Thit Lwin and Professor Zaw Wai Soe (Rector). Now UM1 is conducting cadaveric surgical trainings to surgery and related sub-specialties on regular basis.

Information on Body Donation to the University of Medicine 1 Yangon

Eligible Person

Everyone at 18 years (or) older can donate his/her body to the University of Medicine 1 Yangon for use in medical education.

Place to register for body donation

Office of Anatomy Department, Pyay Campus of the University of Medicine 1 Yangon

Office hours:

9:00 am – 3:00pm


  1. The donor must come in person
  2. A recent portrait photograph for identification
  3. Two witnesses (spouse; one close relative and another person; both can be relatives)
Please note: No fees of any kind (such as form fees) will be collected. No memorable items will be sold.


  • No additional documents such as medical records, etc., is required.
  • Acceptance of the body will be decided by the Board of Body Donation depending on the cause of death, mode of death and other circumstances as it is unpredictable when a person will pass away and how.
  • Generally, body donation is cancelled under following circumstances.
  • if the donor passed away due to communicable disease of public health concern (such as cholera, plague, H1N1, COVID19, etc.)
  • if the donor has a communicable disease as above mentioned although the cause of death is not due to that disease.
  • if the cause of death is cancer (decision is made case-by-case basis)
  • if the donor has any uncleared legal issues

How the donated body is used

The donated bodies are emblemed and stored in clod room in separate containers and used for teaching in dissection classes for the undergraduate medical students, for cadaveric surgery training for the postgraduate students and for research.

Procedures to do when the donor passed away

  1. The family or caretaker of the donor should inform the Department of Anatomy of the University of Medicine 1 Yangon.
  2. The department will reply for the acceptance of the donated body after making decision based on the facts described above.
  3. After confirmation by the Department of Anatomy, the donated body should be delivered to the Department of Anatomy. The support of social associations can be helpful. (We apologize for the inconvenience, if any, as we still do not have dedicated vehicle to transport the donated body).

Contact information:

Please contact to this mobile number: 09427617774

Current Official:

Dr. Htin Linn, Lecturer, Department of Anatomy, University of Medicine 1 Yangon
Cadaveric Surgical Training Workshop