MOHS Edu email user guide

Ministry of Health and Sports has issued emails with the domain (@mohs.edu.mm) to facilitate academic and scientific advancement in medical education and research. University of Medicine 1 Yangon has issued the email account information to account holders. Instructions on how to initialize and setup can be obtained here. (Mail User Manual) For those who have not received the Email Account Information, please use the Email Service Request Form (UM1 Email Account Information change request form (2)) to apply and send to Computer Section of UM1 Office (or) send email to um1@mohs.edu.mm. Please read the Notes in the Email Account Information carefully. Follow the steps in the Manual. By using the email (@mohs.edu.mm), the user agrees to comply with rules and regulations prescribed by Ministry of Health and Sports and to abide by the existing laws of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.