Research Area


Physiology department has been working on various aspects of obesity and related problems for more than a decade. Major study population include subjects in various community and industrial settings, and patients in Myanmar. Currently we are working on the newly discovered adipokine, asprosin.

Cognitive function

Cognitive function studies started as favored by some settings peculiar to Myanmar, such as vipassana meditation which is different from transcendental meditation popular worldwide. Now it is extending with molecular methods. In collaboration with highly experienced psychologists, psychiatrists and neurophysicians, more postgraduate students become interested this field. Current works on cognitive function is its relationship with Klotho.

Air Pollution

Challenged by the increased investments and industrialization in Myanmar, air pollution, not only in terms of particulate matter density, but also in terms of contaminants, has become an enormous health hazard to people living in Myanmar. Clinicians have reminded on escalating childhood cancer incidence and various metabolic derangements in their practice. Highlighted by the studies linking pollutants to these health issues, physiology department is working on the effects of air pollution in Myanmar population in various aspects, in collaboration with Saitama University and National Institute of Environmental Studies, Japan.

Current Research

Dr. Cho Cho Aung

Distribution of Motilin immunoreactive cells in peptic ulcer patients and its association with plasma motilin level

Dr. Hnin Nilar Khin

Leptin receptor gene Q223R polymorphism, body anthropometric measures and leptin resistance in adult female subjects

Dr. Aye Mya Mya Thwin

Effect of oral vitamin C supplementation on serum IL6, serum hepcidin, iron status and haematological parameter in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients with metabolic syndrome

Dr. Ei Ei Pan Nu Yi

Fasting plasma ghrelin and post glucose load, plasma ghrelin response in lean and overweight/obese female subjects with or without leptin resistance

Dr. Naychi Nway

Serum proinflammatory cytokine, oxidative stress marker and oxytocin receptor gene DNA methylation in cord blood of pregnant women prenatally exposed to PM 2.5

Dr. Haymar Soe Win

Serum cotinine, serum iron isoprostane and risk of metabolic syndrome in adult tobacco user

Dr. Thin Thandar

Menarcheal age in relation to residency, nutritional status and body fat distribution in girls

Dr. Phyo Ohnmar Swe

Relationship between betal quid chewing and metabolic risk markers

Dr. Cherry Maung

Effect of 30-minute sitting on coagulation parameters in female subjects taking combined oral contraceptive pill

Dr. Kyu Kyu Hlaing

Relationship between high sensitive C-reactive protein and ankle brachial pressure index in rheumatoid arthritis patients

Dr. Nwe Nwe Win

Relationship between iron status and adiposity in women

Dr. Khine Zar Swe

Some factors influencing cognitive ability in school children