Mathematics Department

Mathematics was taught as a subject to premedical students acted in 1970 when Professor Dr Ba Than as the rector of Institute of Medicine (1). Teaching of Mathematics at the Institute of Medicine (1) was still under the management of the University of Yangon Arts and Science. Mathematics course include in the premedical curriculum because logical thinking power of Mathematics is need to apply in practical problems to be encountered later in medical careers as practicing or research doctors. With change of concepts in 6th Seminar (Medical Education), the curriculum was transformed accordingly. Teaching hours of Mathematics subject is reduced from (60) hours to (30) hours. In October 2007, Physics and Mathematics were combined into a (3)hours paper and the convener system in the final examination was started in October 2008. In 2012 a new curriculum was revised. For future Academic year with increased teaching hours of 64.Mathematics subject is separated and (2) hours paper.