English Department

Department of English came into existence in 1951 when it was headed by Daw Lily Chan Soon, M.A with the support of her staff. She was succeeded by Daw Khin Thida (M.A), B.L in 1964, Daw Lily Sai Lon, (M.A)in 1979, Daw Naw Joy Loo(M.A) in1989, Daw C. Thet Win (M.A) in 1990 and Daw Thi Thi(M.A) (UK) in 1994.The current Head , Daw Yin Le Le Thwin(M.A) took over the position of Head , when Daw Thi Thi retired in 2012.The former English course has 200 teaching hours , later to 190 hours according to the 6th Medical Education Seminar ,with an aim to develop all four skills preparing medical students to be able to communicate well in future clinical settings. The alloted hours is to be reduced to 120 as part of the foundation course modified in accordance with the integrated curriculum which will be implemented starting from 20 18.