Sales Mix Definition, Formula, Meaning and Examples

Thus, if a company introduces a new product that has a low profit, and which it sells aggressively, it is quite possible that profits will decline even as total sales increase. Conversely, if a company elects to drop a low-profit product line and instead push sales of a higher-profit product line, total profits can actually increase even as total sales decline. Sales mix also has an impact on the total inventory cost incurred, and this cost may change company profit by a significant amount. If, for example, XYZ decides to stock more lawn mowers to meet spring lawn demand, the firm will earn a lower profit margin than It would if it sold hammers and other products. In addition, stocking more lawn mowers requires more warehouse space, a larger cash investment in inventory, and the expense of moving mowers into the store and out to customer vehicles. Carrying larger, more expensive products generates higher inventory costs and requires a larger cash investment.

Apple's fiscal first quarter is historically its strongest, as it encapsulates the holiday shopping season, which means the results could serve as an indication of consumer health. Apple is expected to return to revenue growth this year after lackluster iPhone sales in 2023, so analysts will closely examine guidance. IPhone sales in China, growth of its high-margin Services business, and commentary around this week's launch of the Vision Pro will be top of mind for Wall Street analysts during Apple's earnings conference call. Now, let’s check your understanding of using the CVP model with multiple product lines.

  1. Assume, for example, XYZ Hardware generates a net income of $15 on a lawnmower that sells for $300 and sells a $10 hammer that produces a $2 profit.
  2. Likewise, if you’re missing actual numbers, you won’t know if your budgeted numbers are accurate or not.
  3. At the end of the month or quarter, you can compare the actual sales made and sales mix to what was projected.
  4. This blog post will define the sales mix, provide a formula for calculating it, and give some examples.

It’s not worth very much unless you know how to use the results to shift sales practices and plans within the company. So in this example, the sales mix of Company ABC constitutes of 60% apparel, 30% footwear and 10% accessories. When you analyze this report you can see that Appliances contributed 9.4% to the total revenue of Home Depot in 2021, and Building Materials contributed 6.5%, and so on. However, many of those tickets end up on the secondary resale market, where demand drives the market.

Sales Mix – Definition, Formula, Meaning and Examples

Hitesh Bhasin is the CEO of Marketing91 and has over a decade of experience in the marketing field. He is an accomplished author of thousands of insightful articles, including in-depth analyses of brands and companies. Holding an MBA in Marketing, Hitesh manages several offline ventures, where he applies all the concepts of Marketing that he writes about. From sales funnel facts to sales email figures, here are the sales statistics that will help you grow leads and close deals. As you can see, Product A broke even with a variance of 0 while Product B ended the quarter with an unfavorable variance of -$1,360. So this one report has given us a lot of information, which can be used to analyze the performance of the business.

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The snack bowl on your office desk or in your kitchen cabinet is just begging to be filled with handfuls of these seasoned nuts. If there’s one big perk about the arrival of a new month, it’s probably the arrival of new ads for grocery store deals that we can’t wait to try. Whether it’s funky new finds at Trader Joe’s or irresistible Costco deals, a new month always means something delicious is in store. Rana also wrote that in addition to commentary about potential App Store changes due to regulations, investors will be eager to hear about progress in the launch of the Vision Pro.

Calculate your company’s sales mix to strategize your product distribution for the highest revenue gains.

Favorable sales mix variance suggests that a higher proportion of more profitable products were sold during the period than was anticipated in the budget. We can determine this month’s actual sales mix percentage using the above formula. Profit margin removes the sales price in dollars as a variable and allows the owner to compare products based on profit per sales dollar. For example, if XYZ’s profits are slowing, the firm may shift the marketing and sales budget to promote the products that offer a higher profit margin.

Based on the budgeted sales mix and actual sales, A’s sales are under expectations by 200 units (1,200 budgeted units - 1,000 sold). However, B's sales exceeded expectations by 200 units (1,800 budgeted units - 2,000 sold). To calculate sales mix, begin by understanding the profitability of each product your company sells. When you dig into what your company’s sales mix is, you uncover hard data that tells you exactly how much money the sale of each product is contributing to the bottom line.

This could involve introducing variations of successful products, enhancing their marketing, or increasing their visibility in your store or website. Sales mix is the relative proportion or ratio of a business's products that are sold. Sales mix is important because a company's products usually have different degrees of profitability. Sales mix also applies to service businesses since the services provided will likely have different levels of profitability. In short, your sales mix is the breakdown of what you’re selling as a proportion to the overall value your business has contributed. It’s also important because it can help you identify where your pricing strategy might need revision, and in turn, help you achieve better long-term profitability.


This could look like allocating more resources to paid advertising for wired speakers or leveraging them as an up-selling opportunity. The sales mix report is important, because it’s used by different departments in the business to make decisions. To calculate the break-even point for multiple product lines, first determine the sales mix, which is the percent of overall sales each of the two products represents. Aliengear budgeted sales of 1,600 units of Turbox and 2,400 units of Speedo in the last year. The standard variable costs of a single unit of Turbox and Speedo were set at $1,500 and $750 respectively. Sales mix variance is the measure of the change in profitability to the variation in the ratio of different products from the available standard sales mix.

Let’s say our speaker company has a goal of selling 750 total units, 500 units of wired speakers, and 250 units of Bluetooth speakers, during a sales period. During this period, the company actually sold 1000 total units, consisting of 700 units of wired speakers and 300 units of Bluetooth speakers. But keep in mind, this number only refers to the number of units sold, not the impact of the units on revenue.

If profits are flat or declining, the company can de-emphasize or even stop selling a low-profit product and focus on increasing sales of a high-profit product or service. A weighted average takes the different volumes of each product into account by first extending the contribution margins to get the total contribution margin, and then dividing that amount by the total units. Sales mix variance, as with sales volume variance, should be calculated using the standard profit per unit in case of absorption costing and standard contribution per unit in case of marginal costing system. If you know your budgeted mixture and have access to your monthly or annual numbers, you can use this formula to determine the actual sales mix.

Based on the decisions, the company can decide whether to continue a product in the market or to make any changes in the product to increase its profitability. For example, if a chocolate bar is unprofitable and has been outselling the other two items over the past month, the company might decide to drop that item from its sales mix. Through these calculations, we can see the sales of wired speakers had a positive variance, meaning the company made an additional $606 dollars in sales of this product.