Progress report on outcome-based integrated curriculum and its readiness for implementation


Central Committee for Integrated Curriculum Development reported the progress of the Outcome-based integrated curriculum and its readiness for implementation at University of Medicine 1, Yangon on 6th September 2019. The new curriculum is for the students who will join the medical course in Myanmar in 2020. Union Minister briefed on the importance of the design of curriculum in shaping the medical students to become fully qualified, ethically minded medical doctors tailor-made for the current situations in Myanmar and elsewhere around the world. The chairperson of the CCICD, Professor Aye Maung Han reported about the strategic approach for the development of CCICD, the inputs from experts of all clinical specialties and basic medical science subjects, the alignment with the international medical education community made after reviewing six international medical universities, the status of pilot implementation in the first year and the second year MBBS classes, the results of the survey made on faculty members and students, and current status of integration among basic medical science subjects and clinical subjects. Then, Professor Khin Mar Myint of UM1 reported on "Readiness for Foundation Year", Professor Aye Thida reported on " Medical Year 1 and 2: Integrated Basic Medical Sciences with Clinical Relevance", Rector Professor Aye Tun on "Readiness for Year 3, 4 and 5 (Clinical Years)", Rector Professor Khin Maung Lwin on "Infrastructure Readiness", and Rector Professor Zaw Wai Soe on "Future Planned Activities". Outcome-based Integrated Curriculum is an internationally accepted student-centered curriculum in which students actively learn and integrate the basic medical science knowledge with clinical subjects, medical ethics, public and family health, social and behavioural sciences, research etc. The meeting was attended by Director General Dr. Tin Tin Lay and Deputy Director General Dr. Tin Tun of the Department of Human Resources for Health of the Ministry of Health and Sports.