Rector meets students online on continuing teaching-learning process


Rector, Professor Zaw Wai Soe, virtually meet undergraduate medical students online today from 9:00am to 4:00pm to discuss the feasibility of continuing teaching-learning process through learning management system and cloud applications. Rector discussed on the potential negative impacts of disturbed teaching-learning processes due to COVID19 Pandemic, the consequences the nation has to bear if schools were kept closed for protracted time, and the size of the pay-back that Myanmar have to suffer. Rector highlighted the mitigation approaches made in other countries in which face-to-face teaching-learning processes are replaced by online teaching programs while practical works are postponed to next year. UM1 has strived towards e-Learning as part of Blended Teaching since a few years ago, and some postgraduate programs and undergraduate programs are already running which has earned the teaching faculty experiences on e-learning. The government has also made plans to endorse on continuing education especially for the basic requirements, and to deliver the programs with equity for all those who want to learn, and to ensure no one left behind. Rector urged for cooperation by all stakeholders which is essential for successful survival. Pro-rector, Professor Myint Myint Nyein, added that new generation students are more fluent in information technology especially IoT (Internet of Things) and asked for suggestions that will improve the efforts of UM1. Professor-and-Heads of the Departments explained the direction of the teaching-learning process and answered to questions raised by the students. Executive committee and members of the UM1 Student Union discussed on getting contact information of students and complete cooperation by students for the adaptive teaching-learning approaches and asked questions on behalf of the students to teachers and administrators of UM1. Then the EC members of UM1 student union arranged for press release and further progress.